Port of Cork Company and Innovez One representatives pictured at the Tivoli Container Terminal, Port of Cork
23 Mar 2023

Port of Cork accelerates digitalisation with new AI-powered port system

Latest step in digitalisation of port services and operations will boost efficiency and sustainability at Ireland’s second-busiest port

The Port of Cork Company (PoCC) has entered an agreement with Innovez One, a provider of port management systems, to accelerate the digitalisation of its port calls and operations.

Under the agreement, Innovez One will provide its flagship software, “marineM”, to fully digitise and optimise crucial marine services for vessels arriving and departing Ireland’s second-largest port.

MarineM will automate and improve the scheduling of port, tug, and pilotage services, which are crucial for efficient operations. Using algorithms powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, marineM’s planning module will manage schedules and dispatch resources – assigning pilots and tugboats to jobs in the most efficient way, and reallocating resources seamlessly if a vessel’s ETA changes.

This latest step in the Port of Cork’s digital journey will boost the efficiency of service fleets, thereby minimising the overall distance travelled, eliminating unnecessary journeys and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It will also assist the port in enhancing berth management, which plays a key role in building port resilience and minimising congestion.

Furthermore, agents will be able to register their vessels, order services such as supplies, logistics and marine services, and track the progress of each job from an online portal available on mobile phones. The system will also automate the billing process, which will boost transparency and accuracy, and help eliminate billing issues, delays and disputes.

Conor Mowlds, Chief Commercial Officer at the Port of Cork Company, said: “The Port of Cork plays a central role for our local communities and businesses, keeping Ireland connected as part of global supply chains. We have high ambitions to deliver smarter, greener and more efficient operations, which will benefit our environment as well as the local and national economy. Having a strong digital backbone is essential to this. By partnering with Innovez One, we are proud to take the next step of our digitalisation journey, fully harnessing the latest advances in artificial intelligence to create a more efficient and sustainable future.”

Grant Ingram, CEO of Innovez One for the UK and Europe, said: “Digitalisation is an essential foundation that enables ports to tackle the most pressing challenges they face today, from persisting congestion to the need to reduce their emissions. Smart ports will also be the ones best placed to position themselves in the greener supply chains of tomorrow, and support decarbonization in shipping and beyond. We are proud to work with the Port of Cork on this project, which will show how our state-of-the-art technology can deliver new heights in terms of efficiency and help deliver their ambitious vision for the future.”