Smart port status made possible for the masses by Innovez one
01 Apr 2021

Digitalisation in the Maritime Industry – Singapore Maritime Foundation

Innovez One CEO David Yeo recently spoke with Singapore Maritime Foundation about maritime digitalisation and making smart port technology available to the masses.

The uptake of digital solutions is a key factor influencing the competitive advantage of players in the maritime industry. Although the industry in general is progressing with digitalisation, 80% of ports are still relying on manual, paper-based or Excel spreadsheet operations. As the industry moves this to focus on digitalisation, it is precedent that there should be more understanding of why and how digitalisation can revolutionise the maritime industry and what solutions are available.

The 80/20 problem is what Innovez One is solving with it’sport management software. By providing a solution that is available to ports of all sizes, Innovez One are helping to level the imbalance currently found in the global ports landscape. With benefits including increased efficiency, sustainability and profitably, port operating systems bring a tangible advantage to those operating within the increasingly competitive global supply chain.

There is no reason why every port can’t be a smart port, and Innovez One port management solution,  marineM enables this for the 80% of ports missing out.

Read David’s full interview with the Singapore Maritime Foundation.