Port digitalisation to improve efficiency
25 Jun 2021

The digital divide – Baltic Transport Journal

In the past few years, we have seen an acceleration in the adoption of digital solutions by the shipping industry, a trend which was further boosted by the pandemic. While the industry as a whole may become more digitised, this isn’t the case for the port sector – where over 80% of ports rely on manual processes for their marine operations. And where port management innovation and software have advanced, progress has been focused on the land-based side of operations.

Despite being a vital link in the supply chain, the ‘first and last mile’ of shipping is shockingly weak when it comes to managing data. Many scheduling considerations need to be addressed to allow for seamless operations, which can make it difficult to run an efficient port. This needs to change, and this can change. Port management software like marineM is already available, allowing smaller and mid-size ports to compete on the global stage.

Digitalisation can increase the profitability and competitiveness of ports regardless of their size or location. There is no reason why every port can’t be a smart port!

Innovez One features in The Baltic Transport Journal.