14 Jun 2020

The Case for Mobile Adoption in Pilotage and Towage

Innovez One’s journey in digitisation of marine services started with PSA Marine in 2005, a subsidiary of PSA international, when Innovez One was engaged to build the first mobile-enabled solution for managing real-time pilotage and towage operations at the Port of Singapore. While the mobile solution has evolved through many operating system platforms starting from Windows mobile, to  Nokia phones, and the latest being on  iOS platform, the solution’s  central objective remains unchanged. Mobile enablement provides real-time critical pilotage and towage operational updates that when integrated to backend operations facilitates real-time monitoring of shoreside activities. At the same time pilotage and towage jobs real-time statuses drive  the critical inputs required for planning and billing.

The Pilot App has significantly improved the communication of pilotage job real-time updates for PSA Marine

Jimmy Koh, Head of Department of Pilotage, PSA Marine at Port of Singapore

Immediacy In Operations

Availability of pilotage and towage services is one of the key factors that  significantly impacts ship’s waiting time. When delivering shoreside services, unexpected  delays arising from terminal, berth availability, weather and tidal conditions may occur and disrupt planned schedules. Using the device, a pilot on the job can send critical operational updates including delays that can be acted upon by planners or backend software systems. The digitisation of these operations may trigger backend automation procedures that can for instance reschedule the working pilot’s next job or replace with him with a next available pilot.

Revenue Assurance

Traditionally operational timings such as pilot on board time and job start times are typically penciled in manually on work sheets. Manual inputs are prone to errors and from the corporate perspective lacks a high level of transparency that technology offers. On the mobile, pilots and tug masters simply tap on their mobile devices to capture current time and the app automatically records time-stamped location using device’s inbuilt GPS. These timings are securely delivered unaltered for calculation of bills.

Instilling Operational Workflow

Pilotage and towage operations follow a repetitive operational cycle. A mobile app that is designed around capturing a sequence of key events such as pilot and tug start and end times. This real-time data that also includes  exceptions is invaluable operational data for monitoring every pilotage and towage job as well as provide important business operational analytics.


About the Author

David is the CEO of Innovez One and Chief Product Architect for marineM solutions. He has over 15 years delivering solutions to the maritime industry.

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