Port software increases marine side port efficiencies
10 Dec 2020

Smart Technology Provides Solutions to Port Challenges

The rate of digitalisation in the maritime industry is increasing, with new technologies emerging to reduce inefficiencies and costs in the supply chain. Smart ports – where digitalisation results in automation of port operations – can provide an opportunity for gains in competitiveness, profitability, and sustainability.

Despite the acceleration in port digitalisation, this tends to be focused on the land side of port operations with the marine side often lacking in sustainable digital solutions. Within this framework, our CEO, David Yeo, discusses how Innovez One’s marineM software solution tackles and enable this land-marine disjuncture in Heavy Lift and Project Forwarding International.

MarineM was designed to automate towage and pilotage operations at ports which relied heavily on manual processes. The marineM port management information software leverages data using AI models to enhance port efficiencies while saving fleet owners time and money, reducing accidents, and decreasing CO2 emissions.

Read David’s thoughts in Heavy Lift and Project Forwarding International here.