Innovez One appoints Grant Ingram as EMEA CEO
07 Apr 2022

Port Digitalisation Leader Innovez One appoints UK-based CEO, expanding presence in EMEA

Innovez One appoints tech veteran Grant Ingram to lead UK team, driving digital solutions to improve port efficiency and sustainability across Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Innovez One, a world leader in port digitalisation, has appointed British software expert and entrepreneur Grant Ingram as its CEO for the UK and Europe, cementing its presence in the United Kingdom. The growing team will drive the deployment of AI-powered solutions to improve efficiency and sustainability in ports across the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region.

Innovez One’s flagship software, MarineM, uses artificial intelligence to optimise planning and automate scheduling of tug, pilot and launch boat operations. The digitalisation of these vital processes is key to unlocking efficiencies that save time, money, and reduce fuel consumption and emissions in the critical “first and last mile” of the voyage at sea.

Since its foundation in 2004, Innovez One’s maritime digital solutions have been deployed in ports of all sizes around the world, including Singapore, Tanjung Priok (Indonesia) and Portsmouth (UK). In ports where MarineM has been deployed, the annual mileage of boats involved in towage and pilotage has been cut by up to 20%, increasing profitability, competitiveness, and sustainability.

By strengthening its presence in the United Kingdom, Innovez One aims to support more ports in the EMEA region in their transition from manual processes to digitised systems, addressing problems such as inefficient scheduling and personnel deployment, inaccurate job entries, lack of interoperability, delays in service response, and excessive fuel consumption. Grant Ingram, who has formally taken up his post on 1 April, has over two decades of experience in developing and deploying software solutions for companies including M9 Group, DVSI and DataVisibility.

David Yeo, Innovez One’s founder and Global CEO, said: “With around 120 commercial ports, the United Kingdom is truly a key port nation. However, a number of ports in the UK – and the wider EMEA region – are currently facing major challenges, such as the need to improve their efficiency to tackle congestion, and the necessity to deliver the sustainability progress demanded by their customers, investors and regulators. By expanding our local team in the region, we consolidate our global expansion, while also demonstrating our commitment to be close to our clients, truly understand their needs and challenges, and support them on their digital journey.”

Grant Ingram, Innovez One’s newly appointed CEO for the UK and Europe, commented: “I am delighted to be joining the innovative team at Innovez One and eager to help transform and empower a new generation of smart ports through a technology that has already made tremendous positive change in ports around the world. The MarineM solution is a fantastic example of how artificial intelligence and machine learning can optimise resources, simulate different schedules, and make sure all the complex moving pieces related to tug and pilotage operations fall into place seamlessly. This will help ports become more resilient to last-minute changes and major disruptions, and create the foundations for the supply chains of the future.”