Smart port software for tugs, towage and pilotage operations
21 Jun 2021

Optimised vessel movement – Port Strategy Magazine

The recent incident in the Suez Canal highlighted the importance of tugs, pilot and service boats – the hundreds of small vessels that are relied upon to make global trade possible.

Tugs and other service boats operate within the critical ‘first and last mile’ of maritime journeys, yet their management is surprisingly old-fashioned – with many service operators relying on whiteboards and Excel spreadsheets. While some of the bigger ‘tier 1’ ports utilise digital solutions to become ‘smart ports’, around 80% of ports worldwide are missing out on the opportunities and potential benefits of digitalisation.

This must change. The benefits of becoming a smart port are clear and tangible: improved efficiency, reductions in fuel costs, fewer accidents, and a more sustainable port environment – where the length of time vessels need to idle, releasing harmful emissions into the air, is slashed.

Smart port software is already available to make this a reality for small and mid-size ports: Innovez One’s marineM technology has been designed with them in mind.

Read more as Innovez One features in Port Strategy’s online magazine (page 45).