Providing port management software to Cast Marine Offshore
12 Oct 2021

Innovez One to digitalise boat services for Cast Marine Offshore in Singapore

Innovez One’s AI-powered technology will optimise Cast Marine Offshore’s passenger and equipment ferrying services, increasing the efficiency of a vital link in port operations.

Innovez One, a world-leading developer of port information management systems, will supply its MarineM digital platform to Cast Marine Offshore Pte. Ltd., a well-established provider of passenger and equipment ferrying services based in Singapore.

Powered by artificial intelligence, MarineM will enable Cast Marine Offshore to optimise the operations and improve the efficiency of its 20-vessel fleet. Using GPS and AIS tracking, the state-of-the-art software will monitor the position of each vessel and the status of jobs in real time. This will ensure that jobs are allocated as efficiently as possible and that any last-minute requests are handled seamlessly.

Through its new features for generating e-tickets and e-vouchers, MarineM will also automate a number of operations. Electronic receipts and invoices for completed jobs will replace the current paper-based billing processes, which can take up to three days to complete as it requires printed documents to be signed and stamped. Sending electronic documents will eliminate this waiting time and greatly facilitate accounting processes. Furthermore, the system will issue e-tickets for passengers, who will be able to access boarding information from their smartphones, check-in more easily, and be informed instantly of any last-minute changes.

David Yeo, CEO and founder of Innovez One, said: “We are delighted to support Cast Marine Offshore in their transition away from manual processes and towards digitised solutions that will unlock efficiencies and reduce fuel costs and emissions. This new partnership demonstrates once more that digital solutions needn’t be the preserve of larger ports, and smaller and mid-sized actors can also become fully-fledged members of the global smart ports network.

“As we have experienced in recent months, the first and the last mile of a journey at sea is often a weak link in the global supply chains, and even small delays can lead to a domino effect which only exacerbates port congestion. The adoption of digital solutions by the multiple actors involved will ensure that all pieces fall into place to welcome a ship when it arrives in a port and facilitate its swift departure when it is ready to leave.”

Slyvia Lim, Director of Cast Marine Offshore said: “We believe in the potential of digital technologies to increase our efficiency and provide the best possible service to our clients. Crucially, MarineM will ensure that accurate and up-to-date information flows seamlessly between the different actors involved. It will also enable us to offer more transparency to shipping agents, who will receive real-time updates on the progress of jobs. Embracing digital solutions will enable us to remain relevant and competitive as a service provider, now and in the future.”

The project has received funding from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA).