HHH Marine to adopt Innovez One’s port management information software
28 Oct 2020

Innovez One signs agreement with HHH Marine in Singapore

HHH Marine to adopt Innovez One’s innovative marineM digital technology and AI models to save substantial costs, time, and optimise its fleet operations.

Innovez One, one of the world’s leading providers of port management information software for the world’s busiest ports and towage operators, has signed a multi-year contract with HHH Marine, one of Singapore’s leading launch and supply boat operators to digitise its fleet operations. This project is partially funded by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore under the Sea Transport Industry Digital Plan (IDP).

Innovez One will enable HHH Marine to streamline its entire ordering, vessel and job planning, update, and billing operations with real-time execution underpinned by Innovez One marineM’s AI engine, built specifically for the maritime sector.

marineM will provide unprecedented mobility, enabling HHH Marine to dispatch logistics jobs wirelessly to mobile devices. HHH Marine will be able to monitor the movements of its fleet in real-time as well as the progress of every single job simultaneously by using GPS and AIS tracking.

By utilising a digital solution, HHH Marine will significantly increase the efficiency and sophistication of their organisation and become ‘paperless’ within their operations. On completion of launch jobs, service documents will be generated which can be signed digitally, then sent wirelessly for billing processing with key billable data sent directly into the marineM billing system for the auto-generation of bills.

The marineM solution  will be rolled out in phases starting with  HHH Marine’s small boat fleet,  to further extend the use of marineM to include the operations of its supply boats and off port limits operations. Full implementation is planned to be completed by Q1 of 2021.

David Yeo, group CEO and founder of Innovez One said, “We’re delighted that HHH Marine has decided to digitise its launch operations and partner with Innovez One. Our marineM solution will revolutionise HHH Marine’s management of launch services by turning complex, manual tasks into a streamlined, efficient process underpinned by cutting-edge digital.”

Currently, many operators in the marine logistics sector rely on manual, paper-based processes or Excel spreadsheets to arrange and execute jobs. Digitising these processes can deliver substantial cost savings every year for fleets, as well as giving them close control over their operations and providing crews with the right support that they need.

David Yeo continued:

“Launch and supply boat operators, such as HHH Marine, are on the front line in digitising the port’s sea transport and logistic operations. Operators can improve the efficiency and sustainability of their operations, as well as increase their profitability, commercial success, and competitiveness in the eyes of their customers with the right application of digital technology. For companies like HHH Marine, investment in digital new technology is an essential step to benefit from a port environment that is rapidly adopting the latest digital technology as the port gears itself towards JIT operations. Strategically when maritime companies improve its productivity and provide greater value to its customers, it ultimately benefits the competitiveness of the port.”

Annie Tan, director of HHH Marine & Logistics said, “Implementing Innovez One’s marineM solution is a critical development for us in improving our operations and services for customers, and an important step in realising the benefits that digital technology can deliver. To meet the increasing demands of our customers, we looked for a solution that will boost the efficiency, competitiveness, and commercial success of our operations, which Innovez One provides with proven, tangible results.

After a careful review, Innovez One’s innovative use of AI planning tools will enable our growing fleet to become increasingly efficient, reducing costs, and reducing unnecessary fuel consumption.”