Innovez One receives ISO certification for data security and management
05 Nov 2021

Innovez One receives ISO certification for data security and management

Singapore, 05 November 2021 – Innovez One, a world-leading developer of port information management systems, has received ISO 27001 certification, confirming the company’s compliance with the highest standards in terms of data security and management.

ISO/IEC 27001 is an international standard on the management of information security, with requirements on the security of assets such as financial information, intellectual property, employee details or data entrusted by third parties.

It formally validates that Innovez One follows the best practices in terms of data protection, with robust security policies and procedures in place to protect the data of its employees and customers against the risk of leaks or cyberattacks.

David Yeo, CEO and Founder of Innovez One, said: “From the very onset, protecting the data that is entrusted to us by our customers has been a priority for our company. Our marineM system is now in use by in major global ports such as Singapore, Tanjung Priok and Portsmouth. We fully understand the importance of protecting the critical data that their businesses rely on. Our entire team is dedicated to following world-leading standards and best practices to ensure that their information and interests are safeguarded, both in the short and in the long term.”

This ISO certification comes as Innovez One grows rapidly, with contracts signed recently to implement its AI-powered solution MarineM in the Indonesian Ports of Balikpapan and Belawan, as well as on the fleet of Singapore-based Cast Marine Services. MarineM has been in use in some of Asia’s busiest ports, such as Singapore and Tanjung Priok, Teluk Bayur, Panjang, Banten in Indonesia, for over a decade in some cases, where it optimises the operations of support fleets to improve efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.