14 Jun 2020

Ensuring Uninterrupted Efficient Marine Services Delivery

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the entire world by surprise, it is not an understatement that we live in unprecedented times. While writing this post, peoples across the world are working from home, in self-isolation and restricting people-to-people interactions. A new business environment is taking shape, and a new norm is emerging where ports of all sizes are requiring staff to work from home.

Operational Workforce New Norms

Ports essential activities for sustainable continuation of core services delivery for cargo transportation and the logistics chain of supply of goods must not be disrupted. At the same time, remote work authorisation and the potentiality of home quarantine of ports operational workforce pose significant risks to port operations and efficiency. Ports may implement rotation system of Team A and B to implement social distancing and minimise physical meetings.

New Priorities, Changing Operational Environment

Prioritisation of certain ships with medical cargo and expansion of bunker area for anchorage to minimise docking are just some examples of the new operational environment taking place at ports. There are also measures by some ports to dedicate certain berths, where possible, for receiving of ships with suspected or actual contamination of COVID 19 infections. These new demands impacts scheduling of pilots, tugboats, launches to maximise availability of these essential core services for arriving and departing ships.

Remote Access

Marine Job Planner is a planning and dispatch system for scheduling pilots, launches, tugboats based on configured constraints.  marineM Job Planner System, a fully web based application, can be accessed remotely by marine services operations team through a web browser. The solution provides real time tracking of pilotage and towage operation progress as well as map view showing actual movements during the entire operation.

Readiness, Optimised Scheduling And Dispatch

At a time of COVID-19 pandemic and quarantines, should the unfortunate event happens and pilots are put on quarantine orders, the use of scheduling technology to optimise assignments becomes ever more important in order to keep marine services readily available.

Marine Job Planner is an AI and machine-learning powered nautical services planning system that takes into consideration a myriad of constraints such as pilot shifts, pilot rest time and their availability, tugboats availability and constraints, priorities of certain ships call line up including environmental such as tidal and weather conditions. The system optimises nautical services operations through maximising tidal and arrival/departure windows while lowering the costs related to tug, launch vessels and pilots.

Real Time Job Dispatch and Updates

Scheduled jobs are dispatched wirelessly to pilots, tugboats, and pilot boats on mobile devices running marineM Pilot and Shipboard apps. marineM Pilot and Shipboard apps provide over-the-air real-time updates of jobs progress.

About the Author

David is the CEO of Innovez One and Chief Product Architect for marineM solutions. He has over 15 years delivering solutions to the maritime industry.

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