Innovez One software enhancing smart port operations in South East Asia
01 Apr 2021

Digitising South East Asian Key Trade Routes – FreightWeek

Innovez One is established as a maritime digitalisation leader in South East Asia, from digitising Singapore’s Maritime Port Authority towage operations in 2004 to the recent multi-year contract with R W Marine services.

In this time, Innovez One has allowed many small and mid-size ports to compete within the global maritime trade market by enabling better port efficiency, reduced fuel consumption and costs, and increased sustainability by automating the port call process.

With sustainability at the forefront of stakeholder decision making it is vital that digital solutions, such as Innovez One’s marineM digital port operations platform, maximise their potential to save fuel and reduce carbon. By streamlining the marine-side port operations using the marineM app, vessels spend less time idling and releasing emissions in ports, and travel shorter distances, all saving fuel and GHG emissions that is an important objective for all actors in the maritime market.

Becoming a smart port with marineM has brought key benefits to ports in South East Asia and across the world.

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