Smart port software improves port efficiency for pilotage and towage operators
22 Mar 2021

Digitising shipping’s ‘first and last mile’ – Maritime Journal

With sustainability driving innovations within the shipping industry, combined with the rise of digitalisation in the recent years there has been an influx in technology aimed at optimising vessels and their journeys. However, looking further down the supply chain, the uptake of optimisation software is not as widespread.

The status of ‘smart port’, where ports use digitalisation to optimise operations, is reserved for a few top tier ports. Many small and mid-size ports grapple daily pilotage and towage operations using manual processes such as whiteboards and excel spreadsheets. With around 80% of ports worldwide not using digital technology they operate at a competitive disadvantage to the large players.

As the ‘last mile’ of voyage represents a critical link in the global supply chain it is concerning to learn the true disparity of the global port landscape. This is where Innovez One comes in. We have created a platform that automates marine-side port operations to improve port efficiency. The marineM software is designed with small and mid-size ports in mind, making available to them the advantages of top tier ports. MarineM transforms port operations, saving time, fuel costs and reducing CO2 emissions. With marineM every port can be a smart port.

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