Port software to bridge digitalisation gap
11 Feb 2021

Digitalisation push making large difference at smaller ports – Lloyd’s List

While digital solutions have long been utilised for land-side port operations, digitalisation can play a key role in increasing marine-side efficiencies – especially at smaller ports.

Despite digitalisation lying at the forefront of many conversations on the future of shipping, some areas are often overlooked, marine-side port operations being one. With smaller ports being less likely to have the means to create in-house software, many believe that it is inaccessible to them.

Recognising this inequality in the market, Innovez One designs marine-side port software that is accessible to ports of any size. By bridging the gap in digitalisation we are helping more ports to reap the benefits of becoming smart ports.

“For too long advanced technology that improves efficiencies, profitability and sustainability, has only been reserved for the larger top-tier ports around the world,” David Yeo, CEO.

You can read the full Lloyd’s List article here.