Port of Tanjung Priok

First of 12 Ports marineM Rollout, new leap for optimisation

Tanjung Priok MOS Launch (powered by marineM)

Indonesia’s largest and busiest port, Port of Tanjung Priok launched the Marine Operating System (MOS) powered by marineM on 3rd October 2018. Port of Tanjung Priok, located at north Jakarta, handles more than 50% of Indonesia’s trans-shipment cargo traffic. In 2016, the port loaded and unloaded 6.2 million TEUs of cargo, out of a total capacity of about 8 billion TEUs.

The launch of MOS in Port of Tanjung Priok is the first of the 12 ports rollout of marineM system under Pelindo II. Up till the launch, pilotage and towage services are planned and run manually. marineM provides the technology to revolutionises the planning, execution and delivery of marine services that help the port reduce delays and achieve efficiencies in its pilots and tug facilities.

Improve Vessel Turnaround Times

As Pelindo II emerges to becoming a world-class port operator, the Port of Tanjung Priok strives to deliver fast vessel turnaround time. Pilot and tug availabilities and efficiencies are critical to the timely function of arriving and departing vessels. With a fleet of over 30 tug and pilot boat vessels and 50 pilots, the daily manual tasks of planning resources and tracking resources for Indonesia’s busiest port poses considerable challenge to the port’s marine services department.

Mulyadi, General Manager of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo) II of the Tanjung Priok Port Branch said in a press release on Thursday (04/10/2018) “MOS is a system that is designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marine services at the port”.

marineM’s Job Planner generates pilot, tug and pilot boat schedules while meeting resource constraints and vessel service request requirements. For instance the scheduling engine matches the most suitable pilot to a vessel of a certain size that he is licensed to perform. In the allocation of tugs, the scheduling engine among various constraints also considers the power required based on vessel size.

Together with the use of marineM’s Pilot and Shipboard apps, the marineM Job Planner receives pilotage and towage job updates in real-time. This allows for a continuous refinement of pilotage and tug facilities forward planning, eliminating uninformed pilot and tug delays, misinformation and inefficiencies of manual planning. marineM streamlines the planning, monitoring, execution of pilotage and towage jobs in the port.

Deliver Vessel Efficiencies
In the press release, Mulyadi further explained the implementation of MOS to improve the movements efficiencies of tug and pilot boats. With marineM Shipboard app onboard each vessel providing real-time locations of movements, the Job Planner schedules proximity tug and pilot boats on subsequent jobs. The outcome of which results in fuel consumption savings for the port.

Going Mobile, Go Paperless
Pilotage and Towage job details are despatched to pilot and shipboard apps, which eliminates the need for traditional paper-based forms that the port uses. Real-time updates of pilotage and towage job are sent from the devices over existing 3G/4G wireless network to the Job Planner. Designed to reduce the need for manual data entry, timings including locations are automatically captured. The pilot and ship master then digitally signs off completion of service delivery on the device.

The handling of service delivery data, including the pilotage service digital forms are wirelessly transmitted to Job Planner and subsequently forwarded to the billing system.

“MarineM revolutionises the port’s planning and management of pilotage and towage services. Innovez One team has exceeded themselves and has helped pioneered a remarkable technology enabling improvement to the port’s marine services.” said Adi Priyatmono, Deputy Vice President of Pilotage Facilities and Tug Services of Pelindo II.

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