14 Jun 2020

Business Continuity in times of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the entire world by surprise, it is not an understatement that we live in unprecedented times. While writing this post, peoples across the world are working from home, in self-isolation and restricting people-to-people interactions. A new business environment is taking shape, and a new norm is emerging where companies of all sizes are requiring staff to work from home.

At a time when COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting business operations worldwide, the cruciality of streamlining port operations for efficiency and safety has never been more pronounced than now. The availability of personnel that may be affected by stay home orders, self-isolation or simply a need to work from home may affect the planning and running of these operations. Optimal planning and delivery of nautical services are keys in the measure of Vessel Turnaround Time in determining port operations efficiency. AI analyses planning constraints and find best suited schedules. How will orders be received and processed and bills be generated on time while back office operations are being run from personnel’s homes?

Work Remotely, Work Safety and Efficiency

marineM Remote Access Architecture

Remote Access Available on Web Browsers

MarineM platform provides a collaborative environment, powered by a suite of tools for port authority, towage, workboats and pilotage operators. MarineM platform can be run on a public or private cloud.  Being a fully web-based platform, operations and finance team can work from anywhere, login to marineM platform on their web browsers and access operations, planning and marine billing systems.

Monitoring Nautical Services Delivery Real-time

A core feature of marineM is the Job Planner System that uses AI for the scheduling of pilotage, towage or launch operations. The Operations Planner logins using a web browser and launches Job Planner to plan and generate schedules for pilotage, towage or launch operations.  The Job Planner then dispatches the job details over-the-air to mobile devices used by the pilots, tug and launch masters. As the job is being delivered, the Job Planner displays in  real-time, status updates of all jobs. Additionally we added a new GIS map feature in Job Planner. It now provides a real-time view of locations of vessels and pilots on a map interface.

Digitalised Process and Workflows

MarineM platform replaces the handling of paper-based operations, fully digitalising the processes for marine ordering, planning, monitoring and billing. By having these operations fully digitalised, users are able to work remotely, when needed, to access specific functions of the platform that their roles require.

About the Author

David is the CEO of Innovez One and Chief Product Architect for marineM solutions. He has over 15 years delivering solutions to the maritime industry.

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